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Scribbr’s proofreading and editing services are rated 4.7/5 based on 12,494 reviews on Trustpilot.
Rohit 25 April 2024

Seamless way to obtain citations

Seamless way to obtain citations

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customer 24 April 2024

Obsessed <3

This is such a helpful tool! I would even say that it is an even better version of my old go-to tool that no longer exists. I am SO GRATEFUL that it is so easy to use and has the ability to find ~most~ of the resources I am trying to cite. One of the BEST features is having the ability to create different lists with their own titles--it has been so helpful for my ADHD needs while working through my Masters program! Thank you also for figuring out a way to choose font and size and making it actually paste into documents SO EASILY and ready to go!!! If I were to make two requests for improvement: First would be that it would just keep me logged in, especially since I have literally no private nor financial information attached. The site is, in my opinion, overcommitted to timing out an account user. Even in one writing session, I will return to the page with my next reference and it looks as though the page has a bug or an error. To fix this I have to take what I feel are unnecessary steps to refresh the page and go through the login process again even when I feel like I really was not gone for very long. The second request is that there be a way to autogenerate more obscure resources (I am admittedly biased, but prioritizing this being available in APA 7th ed. would be the best! haha). And I have also noticed that when there's a reference that the site cannot find, the manual option will ask for information that is not typically needed for APA, and the final resulting citation does not typically appear to maintain the chosen formatting style. So I suppose that is more like 2.5 requests since the last one isn't too bothersome. Anyway, I'm just overall ridiculously grateful I found Scribbr so early on in my graduate pursuits! I highly recommend it for anyone who needs to move efficiently through their research and delivery of information.

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Josué 24 April 2024

How easy it is compared to other…

How easy it is compared to other websites

Read review on Trustpilot
WiNima 24 April 2024

It's easy to cite sources by inputting…

It's easy to cite sources by inputting their names and having them procured.

Read review on Trustpilot
Anonymous College Senior 24 April 2024

Amazing! Grade boost from an "C" to an 'A'

Amazing! This software could have saved many college students from dropping out 10 years ago. Also, I used to use this website before the copy and paste feature 2016 or so. The new update is outstanding! My Bibliographies in APA format are perfect!

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SC 24 April 2024

Scribber Is Amazing!!!

Scribber Is Amazing! They helped me cite my sources in the correct format and saved me hours of work. Thank you soo very much Scribber!

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Miranda 24 April 2024

The citations are on point and i love…

The citations are on point and i love the ease of use

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LD 24 April 2024

Best Referencing Tool

User friendly and so much data for citation and referencing.

Read review on Trustpilot
Carina 24 April 2024

This cite is a life saver when needing…

This cite is a life saver when needing to cite my sources. It is easy to navigate and basically fool proof!

Read review on Trustpilot
Leilani 24 April 2024

Life Made Easier

Scribbr makes my life so much easier when I have to cite the text that I use. Having the MLA citation generator is really helpful. And saves my time :)

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Melinda 24 April 2024

A must-have tool!

I use Scribbr for its citation generator, which is a fantastic, time saving tool. As a student, composing research essays is time consuming enough...but it's even more so if you have to go back and type in all of the resources you drew your information from. I love that you can choose from a variety of known citation styles. Often you can copy/paste a link into the citation generator, and it will automatically format the layout of the source using the format you choose. Even when I have to go in and edit, I love how the citation parts are further broken down so that you understand what is required, recommended or optional to include in citing sources. Thank you so much for creating such a helpful tool for students and professionals!

Read review on Trustpilot
Jennifer 24 April 2024

Scribbr is a great tool

Scribbr is a great tool for creating and saving citations for my master's program.

Read review on Trustpilot
Nasser AbuDujain 24 April 2024

Excellent work!

Excellent work!

Read review on Trustpilot
Yan Co 24 April 2024

Traduction d'excellente qualité

Traduction d'excellente qualité, délai respecté, Bravo

Read review on Trustpilot
customer 24 April 2024

It's easy to use.

It's easy to use.

Read review on Trustpilot
ThemBigBoys 23 April 2024

It makes citation easy

It makes citation easy

Read review on Trustpilot
customer 23 April 2024

Very easy to use and you get accurate…

Very easy to use and you get accurate APA references.

Read review on Trustpilot
Akshay Dagadu 23 April 2024

Ethylene Dynamics in Fresh Produce Packaging: A Comprehensive Modelling Approach

Hi Kristen, Apologies for the delay in responding. I have been away but I am back now and have reviewed the thesis corrections. Everything looks good to me. Thanks for your assistance. On another note, I am currently residing in Potsdam, very close to Berlin. I will be submitting this thesis to TU Berlin. Best regards, Akshay

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Kelse 23 April 2024

Easy to use

Easy to use, reliable platform I can trust to properly and effectively cite my references as an adult online learner!

Read review on Trustpilot
Merlijn Koops 23 April 2024

Goede tips

Goede tips. Erg fijn

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