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Scribbr’s proofreading and editing services are rated 4.7/5 based on 13,185 reviews on Trustpilot.
Iris 17 June 2024

professionelle und liebevolle Korrektur!

professionelle und liebevolle Korrektur!

Read review on Trustpilot
Naomi 17 June 2024

Praktische bronnengenerator

Scribbr zorgt eroor dat ik makkelijk mijn bronnen kan bijhouden en in mijn verslag kan zetten.

Read review on Trustpilot
Sergio 17 June 2024

It make faster my process of Research

It make faster my process of researching and comply with the APA standards for my academical work

Read review on Trustpilot
Lenaa Ramirez 17 June 2024

Very straight forward and simple to…

Very straight forward and simple to use. No need for multiple subscriptions and unnecessary account setup.

Read review on Trustpilot
Marit 17 June 2024


Much, much better than easy bib.

Read review on Trustpilot
Zach 17 June 2024

Excellent source generator

Excellent source generator

Read review on Trustpilot
Leona 17 June 2024

Sehr hilfreich!

Ich fand die Kommentare sehr sehr hilfreich! Weiter waren die Korrekturen hervorragend von Scribbr.

Read review on Trustpilot
Zoë Schreurs 17 June 2024

Must use voor studenten

Heel fijne website om gemakkelijk bronnen mee te genereren in verschillende stijlen. Tip: via het DOI-nummer is het super gemakkelijk en heel compleet.

Read review on Trustpilot
DragaK Kuzmova 17 June 2024

Ik werd heel professioneel geholpen.

Ik werd heel professioneel geholpen.

Read review on Trustpilot
Anja 17 June 2024

Alles super

Alles super , vielen Dank!

Read review on Trustpilot
kg 17 June 2024


great great great great great great great great great great great great great

Read review on Trustpilot
Tricia 17 June 2024

Best way to cite your references~~!

Best way to cite your references~~!

Read review on Trustpilot
ALKHAL 16 June 2024

Scribbr provides citations tools that…

Scribbr provides citation tools that can simplify and organize the documentation process for academic students.

Read review on Trustpilot
JulsRNBSN 16 June 2024

I find this tool to be useful and…

I find this tool to be useful and effective. I used it for almost all of my writing assignments while in undergrad school and continue to use it in grad school. The 2 things I have found that I would change are 1. Some of the words in the generated reference are capitalized, when they should not be, according to APA 7th. Make sure and proofread what you get from the citation generator. I have lost points in the past because of not looking over what I was given. 2. I always set my parameters to the font and size I am using for my paper, however, when I copy and paste my reference list or in-text citation, the font always seems to be wrong. Not a huge problem, just a bit inconvenient. Otherwise, I would have given 5 out of 5 stars.

Read review on Trustpilot
Julian 16 June 2024

Sehr hilfreich und gründlich!

Sehr genaue Korrektur mit vielen nützlichen Hinweisen in Bezug auf Stil, Inhalt und Form. Herzlichen Dank hat definitiv meine Erwartung übertroffen!

Read review on Trustpilot
A.D. 16 June 2024

Great tool

I am very grateful to have come across this site. Alongside my APA manual, it has not led me wrong, and the citations line up with what's in my manual & saves me a great deal of time. To whomever created this..thank you!

Read review on Trustpilot
Ashley 16 June 2024

I love that this site is free and gives…

I love that this site is free and gives you references as well as intext citations and keeps your list for you and alphabetizes it and the format when you copy and paste already has a hanging indent. Pretty awesome tool!

Read review on Trustpilot
Kiara Smith 16 June 2024

Scribbr is so easy to use

Scribbr is so easy to use! It makes citing my sources easy and hassle-free. I also like that it saves all my sources and can import directly into Google Docs and Word. It stays up to date so I don't have to manage formatting either.

Read review on Trustpilot
Oceana 15 June 2024

Sehr gerne wieder

Sehr gerne wieder

Read review on Trustpilot
Tim 15 June 2024

Top en snel resultaat

Top en snel resultaat. Ik raad iedereen aan om hier gebruik van te maken. Het is het geld zeker waard!

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At Scribbr, we promise to make every customer 100% happy with the service we offer. Our philosophy: Your complaint is always justified – no denial, no doubts.

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