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Luz 12 April 2024

It helps with school

It helps with school

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Tricia 12 April 2024

Reference page made easy

Using the platform to store my references. With the edit button I can easily add all information necessary and as I add references it places it alphabetically and I can them generate to a word document.

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Oluwatoyin 12 April 2024

Great experience

Great experience using scribbr. I recommend it any day and at anytime

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Michael 12 April 2024

Awesome support and a great tool

Awesome support and a great tool. I really enjoyed using this website.

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customer 11 April 2024

Fantastic website!

Fantastic website! Citations are available in multiple formats (APA, MLA, etc.) The only occasional issues I run into are around logging in.

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Shah 11 April 2024

Great free citation service

Great free citation service, Much better than citation generator. Must use!

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Schinay Thompson 11 April 2024

This site has saved me when writing my…

This site has saved me when writing my papers. It always has my references save and able to give me the cite notation. They give you options on how you need the citations to be. This site is awesome.

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Adetunji 11 April 2024

Thank you Scribbr.

The ability to create and save multiple folder for different project. I have find using Scribbr for citing of many of my term papers, projects, and assignments more helpful than I could imagine. Thank you Scribbr.

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Margaret 11 April 2024


This is one of the best citation generators. Currently a uni student and this has saved my life

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Anais 11 April 2024

I enjoy Scribbr! My papers and sources are phenomenal

I enjoy Scribbr as it makes my writing formats easier to generate without confusion or too much thought. If any information is missing, I still have the ability to edit and makes changes to add more details. Also, what makes this program great is the ability to show a narrative citation and paraphrasing which in some cases can be difficult for me to generate when I am not trying to copy every bit of a quote. Additionally, the formats are saved at the bottom in alphabetical order so you may copy all the citations you need or select a few. You may also edit the same saved citation and change the formats for other papers that vary from APA to MLA.

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Joe 11 April 2024

Scribbr never fails!

Great site, easy to use, and excellent processing speed. I've been using Scribbr's citation generator for years now and it has never failed. The search engine is near perfect and the formatting options are extensive. I am so grateful for Scribbr, it has made citing sources less of a headache, cannot praise this site enough!

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April 11 April 2024

Great site for APA citations

I love the site because it helps me with proper APA citations.

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Nikki 11 April 2024

Excellent software and very helpful if…

Excellent software and very helpful if you accidentally delete a reference list. I contacted via whatsapp and got an immediate call back.

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Consumer 11 April 2024

extrem praktisch zum Zitieren

extrem praktisch zum Zitieren

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GAURI 11 April 2024

good great!

good great!

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Kiana 11 April 2024

Scribbr is quick and easy

Scribbr is quick and easy. I can get all my citations either in APA or MLA format in the matter of seconds. Without this, I wouldn't know what to do

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Isiah 11 April 2024

They have helped me through both…

They have helped me through both undergrad and grad school.

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applejacks 11 April 2024

This is super easy to use and accurate.

This is super easy to use and accurate. The only issue is double-checking citations after they are put into your Word document, as formatting and capitalization might be incorrect.

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Stephanie 11 April 2024

Easy to Use

This was the best citation generator I've used. It really helped me keep my Capstone sources well-organized.I used 2 others earlier in grad school but neither was as easy to use.

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Anonymous 11 April 2024

I honestly love Scribbr

I honestly love Scribbr. It has helped me so much throughout my life and is a thousand times better than manually trying to cite in MLA and APA format. The best part is that it's free, and only if you need more, you have to pay. Truly a great service overall. 4/5 Stars

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What plagiarism and AI detection software does Scribbr use?

Scribbr’s Plagiarism Checker is powered by elements of Turnitin’s Similarity Checker, namely the plagiarism detection software and the Internet Archive and Premium Scholarly Publications content databases.

The add-on AI detector is powered by Scribbr’s proprietary software.

What type of documents does Scribbr proofread?

Scribbr is specialised in editing study related documents. We check:

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Which citation software does Scribbr use?

The Scribbr Reference Generator is developed using the open-source Citation Style Language (CSL) project and Frank Bennett’s citeproc-js. It’s the same technology used by dozens of other popular citation tools, including Mendeley and Zotero.

You can find all the citation styles and locales used in the Scribbr Reference Generator in our publicly accessible repository on Github.

How does Scribbr help students graduate?

Our team helps students graduate by offering: