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Leon Luijmes 17 August 2022

Qualtity feedback

Very good and detailed feedback regarding my thesis structure and spelling check. This definitely improves my final thesis a lot. I would certainly recommend this to everyone who struggles with structure or academic writing issues.

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Jana 17 August 2022

Ich bin begeistert!

Vielen Dank! Ich bin absolut glücklich und zufrieden mit dem Lektorat! Es war jeden Cent wert! Das Feedback ist sehr differenziert und konstruktiv. Ich konnte alles gut umsetzen und die Themen noch besser auf den Punkt bringen. Die Anregungen und Rückfragen im Verständnis-Check halfen mir dabei, nochmals zu überdenken, was ich genau ausdrücken wollte und den Inhalt präziser zu formulieren. Nun bin ich gespannt, was der Prof dazu meint...

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Diana Maria Contreras Mojica 17 August 2022

Proposal review

Earl carefully went through the document and identified mistakes in the content and the structure of the sentences. He formulated useful questions and gave me his opinion about the proposal in less than one week. Exactly what I needed. Thanks, Earl.

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Sulim Kim 16 August 2022

It was one of the top-notch…

It was one of the top-notch proofreading experiences I have ever had. I was amazed by the quality of the editing. I highly recommend.

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Kelly 16 August 2022

Professional and Patience

My editor shared with me those areas that are not clear and how I could improve them. There are also some parts which are too vague for her to understand the point I'm trying to get across. This allows me to review what I wrote. While I'm not sure if I have re-written it correctly since I did not send it for another edit, I now know what I should avoid. My editor also allows me to retain my writing style but change those that are too informal. :p I reckoned this is because the papers I'm reading are not of the best standards (and I was told about it). I'll aim to read more established papers from now on. :) Thank you.

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Jon 15 August 2022

Long time happy customer.

Long time happy customer.

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Benjamin Fechner 14 August 2022

Absolute Empfehlung!

Absolute Empfehlung! Sowas von hilfreich, echt der Wahnsinn wie viel doch noch übersehen wurde. Würde ich jederzeit wieder machen!

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Myri Hertoghs 13 August 2022

Excellent professional review

Excellent professional review! Detailed with great advice!

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Heather A 13 August 2022


I am so glad that I found Scribbr citation generator.. I would not have gotten through my degree without it. It is very easy to use and creates a proper APA citation in seconds! Thank you Scribbr!!

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Sabrina Welte 12 August 2022

Schnell und ohne versteckte Kosten

Schnell und ohne versteckte Kosten. Katharina war eine top Lektorin. Mit persönlichem Feedback und sämtlichen Erklärungen zu den angewandten Regeln. Gerne wieder!

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Karina Baumgartner 12 August 2022

Schnell & professionell

Nina hat eine super Arbeit in kürzester Zeit gemacht! Danke :)

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Xiaojiang LIN 11 August 2022

Très satisfaite

Mon correcteur m'a donné des conseils précieux. Merci beaucoup !

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Angel 10 August 2022

Great experience

I needed urgently proofreading for my scientific paper so I decided to submit it to Scribbr (never had before). I ordered Proofreading and Editing as well as Structure check and chose a turnaround time of 24 hours. I received the revised manuscript in 6 hours. The editor's corrections and suggestions were very helpful. I am happy with the service. I also received a certificate of the revision after requesting It.

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Christof 9 August 2022

Zuerst unsicher aber sehr zufrieden!

Ich war mir unsicher, ob es mir wirklich Wert war, ein Lektorat zu buchen für meine Masterarbeit aber ich bereue es überhaupt nicht. Die Kommentare und Korrekturen meines Lektors waren sehr ausführlich und hilfreich. Die meisten davon konnte ich einfach übernehmen. Das bringt die Arbeit auf ein höheres Level!

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Arnold Bomans 9 August 2022

Amazing acuity and rapid response.

Amazing acuity and rapid response.

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ORO, Alpha Deomeg 9 August 2022

great help when I didn't know what I was doing.

This really helped me especially when I still did know how references and citation works by practice, even up until now that I am used with research works and assignments, it saves up a great amount of time.

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Jeff D 8 August 2022

PhD Dissertation Life Saving Service

Edited my 275 page dissertation in one week. Incredibly detailed grammatical corrections, but most valuable were the comments. Challenging my ideas - where my argument was weak and not understood. A copy edit with these folks is a life saver, from confused and stumped to ready for final committee review - that's a huge leap for all of us that are ABD. Considering what you've already invested, the cost is minimal and worth every penny.

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Pieter 8 August 2022

good work

Clear website, clear pricing, excellent corrections. The editor did more than only correct the document; she added valuable suggestions and tips that helped me to improve the quality of my manuscript.

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Bouchonville 8 August 2022

Correction au top

Correction au top. J'ai du mal à voir clair car j'ai lu plusieurs fois mes textes. Je trouve qu'ils ont réussi à cerner mon travail et à remettre de l'ordre dedans. Les conseils et propositions étaient adéquats et m'ont permis de changer et rajouter ce qui manquait. Je suis très satisfaite de cette correction.

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Jennifer Louise Stokstad 8 August 2022

Very professional service!

I needed a very specific German personal statement corrected, a service which they don't usually provide, but they did their best and it turned out so perfect! So thankful for that! Been using this service for a couple of years for my german studies, and it is so super practical! And successful!

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