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Frequently asked questions

Is the editor an expert in my field of study?

When you place an order, you can specify your field of study and we’ll match you with an editor who has familiarity with this area.

However, our editors are language specialists, not academic experts in your field. Your editor’s job is not to comment on the content of your dissertation, but to improve your language and help you express your ideas as clearly and fluently as possible.

This means that your editor will understand your text well enough to give feedback on its clarity, logic and structure, but not on the accuracy or originality of its content.

Good academic writing should be understandable to a non-expert reader, and we believe that academic editing is a discipline in itself. The research, ideas and arguments are all yours – we’re here to make sure they shine!

Can I contact my editor directly?

You won’t have direct contact with your editor, but if you have questions before, during or after the editing process, you can always contact them via the Scribbr support team. We’ll make sure the editor answers your questions.

The editor will also see full details of your order. If your supervisor has given you specific instructions, if you have language questions for the editor, or if there’s a particular area of concern you’d really like them to focus on, you can include these at the ordering stage and we’ll pass them on.

English is not my first language. Can you fix all my mistakes?

Yes! Our editors are all native speakers, and they have lots of experience editing texts written by ESL students. They will make sure your grammar is perfect and point out any sentences that are difficult to understand. They’ll also notice your most common mistakes, and give you personal feedback to improve your writing in English.

What is our Proofreading & Editing service?

Proofreading & Editing entails checking for errors or omissions, whether typographical, linguistic, coding or positional; wrong usage of words and expressions; and inconsistencies. On top of that, your editor will help you become a better writer in the future with a personal improvement letter.

Language use will be improved

Your editor will correct:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Academic style
  • Sentence structure
  • Punctuation
  • Word choice
  • Incorrect and unclear words or sentences

Personal feedback with tips and suggestions

Your editor will give you feedback about:

  • Verb tenses
  • Writing numbers
  • Introducing abbreviations
  • Taboo words
  • And some basic language rules!

Your editor will proofread your document using Word’s Track Changes. When you receive your text back, you can simply accept all changes.


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I have a tight deadline. Can you edit my document in time?

You choose the turnaround time when ordering. We can return your dissertation within 24 hours, 3 days or 1 week. These timescales include weekends and holidays. As soon as you’ve paid, the deadline is set, and we guarantee to meet it! We’ll notify you by text and email when your editor has completed the job.

Very large orders might not be possible to complete in 24 hours. On average, our editors can complete around 13,000 words in a day while maintaining our high quality standards. If your order is longer than this and urgent, contact us to discuss possibilities.

Always leave yourself enough time to check through the document and accept the changes before your submission deadline.

How do I receive my document when the editor has finished proofreading?

After your document has been edited, you will receive an email with a link to download the document.

The editor has made changes to your document using ‘Track Changes’ in Word. This means that you only have to accept or ignore the changes that are made in the text one by one.

It is also possible to accept all changes at once. However, we strongly advise you not to do so for the following reasons:

  • You can learn a lot by looking at the mistakes you made.
  • The editors don’t only change the text – they also place comments when sentences or sometimes even entire paragraphs are unclear. You should read through these comments and take into account your editor’s tips and suggestions.
  • With a final read-through, you can make sure you’re 100% happy with your text before you submit!