Is It Forty or *Fourty? | Meaning, Spelling & Examples

Forty (40) is a cardinal number (i.e., a number used to indicate quantity). Like other words for numbers, it can be grammatically classified as a determiner, adjective, noun, or pronoun.

‘Fourty’ is sometimes used instead of forty, but this is incorrect. Although ‘four’ is the correct spelling of 4, ‘fourty’ is not a real word and should be avoided. The same applies when forty is used as part of a larger number (e.g., ‘forty-four’, ‘one-hundred-forty’).

Examples: Forty and fourty in a sentence
  • The train was delayed by fourty minutes.
  • The train was delayed by forty minutes.
  • Fourty is divisible by four.
  • Forty is divisible by four.

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How to use forty in a sentence

Like all cardinal numbers, forty can be used as a determiner (specifically a quantifier) to modify or describe a noun. It can also be used as a noun when referring to the number itself or as a pronoun when it refers to a previously mentioned noun.

Example: Forty in a sentence
My grandfather worked for the same company for forty years.

Forty is a whole number.

Karla invited eighty guests but only forty showed up to the party.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I pronounce forty?

Forty has two syllables. It’s pronounced with emphasis on the first syllable: [for-tee]. In US English, the ‘tee’ may sound more like ‘dee’ [for-dee].

Are numbers adjectives?

Cardinal numbers (e.g., one, two, three) can be placed before a noun to indicate quantity (e.g., one apple). While these are sometimes referred to as ‘numeral adjectives‘, they are more accurately categorised as determiners or quantifiers.

Is it fourty-five or forty-five?

Forty-five is the correct spelling. While ‘fourty’ is sometimes used instead of forty, ‘fourty’ is not a real word and should be avoided.

Is it forty or fourty dollars?

Forty dollars is correct. Forty is the correct spelling of the cardinal number used to indicate a quantity of something. ‘Fourty’ is sometimes used instead of forty, but this is incorrect.

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