Flier vs Flyer | Difference & Example Sentences

Flier and flyer are nouns that can be used to refer to a person or thing that flies, or more specifically to a leaflet. While the words are often used interchangeably, there is a general trend:

  • Flier is commonly used to refer to someone or something that flies. It is also used in the expression ‘take a flier’.
  • Flyer is the more common spelling for an advertising leaflet.
Examples: ‘Flier’ in a sentence Examples: ‘Flyer’ in a sentence
Jane has frequent flier miles because she travels a lot for work. Luis found out about the fundraiser from a flyer someone gave him.
Some birds, like the grey-headed albatross, are very strong fliers. Instead of handing out flyers, we created a post online and asked people to share it.
This article describes the general trend in how the two spellings are used, but different style guides give contradictory advice on this issue.

If you’re not bound by a specific style guide, use ‘flyer’ to refer to a leaflet and whichever spelling you prefer for other meanings, and no one is likely to object.

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‘Take a flyer’ or ‘take a flier’

Take a flier is an expression meaning ‘take a risk’. While take a flyer is also an acceptable spelling, take a flier is more common and is favored by AP style.

Examples: ‘Take a flier’ in a sentence
I know it’s a risky investment, but I’ll take a flier on it.

Andre took a flier when he quit his job and set up his own business.

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‘Highflier’ or ‘highflyer’

Highflier is a word used to describe an ambitious person or someone who has potential to succeed. It can also refer to a stock whose price is rising rapidly. Highflyer, high flyer, and high flier are also acceptable spellings of this term.

Examples: ‘Highflier’ in a sentence
Tim was happy with his investment, since the stock proved to be a highflier.

Vincent is an academic highflier who has published several books.

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