Duly Noted | Meaning, Definition & Examples

Duly noted is an expression meaning ‘acknowledged and given appropriate consideration’. It’s formed using the adverb ‘duly’ (i.e., ‘in the proper way’) and the verb ‘noted’ (i.e., ‘recorded’ or ‘observed’).

It’s typically used in formal or professional contexts. However, it can also be used ironically in informal contexts to dismiss someone’s opinion or idea.

Examples: Duly noted in a sentence
Your criticism has been duly noted.

The parents’ complaints were duly noted by the principal.

Thank you for your suggestions; they have been duly noted.

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What does duly noted mean?

Duly noted is a phrase used to say that something has been properly acknowledged or recorded. It’s usually used in formal or professional contexts. It can be used by itself as an acknowledgement of an opinion, or as part of a sentence.

Examples: Uses of duly noted
Duly noted.

The business consultant’s advice was duly noted.

The aide ensured that recent complaints regarding the new policy were duly noted by the committee.

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Is duly noted rude?

Duly noted can be used in a facetious or sarcastic manner to say that you think someone’s idea is irrelevant or that you don’t care what they have to say. This typically occurs in informal contexts.

Examples: Duly noted as sarcasm
Person A: I think you need to spend less time watching TV and more time studying.

Person B: Duly noted. Can I keep watching TV now?

Because duly noted is a brief response and because it’s so frequently used sarcastically, it can be perceived as somewhat rude or dismissive, even when you mean it sincerely. If you’re concerned about coming across as impolite, consider clarifying your intention by thanking the person for their opinion or suggestion.

Example: Duly noted used sincerely
Duly noted. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Dully noted, dually noted, duely noted, dualy noted, dooly noted

‘Dully noted’, ‘dually noted’, ‘duely noted’, ‘dualy noted’, and ‘dooly noted’ are all misspellings of the phrase duly noted. ‘Duly’ (pronounced [doo-lee]) is the adverb form of the adjective ‘due’.

‘Dully’ ([dull-ee]) is the adverb form of the adjective ‘dull’, while ‘dually’ ([doo-uh-lee]) is the adverb form of the adjective ‘dual’, neither of which makes sense in this context. ‘Duely’, ‘dualy’, and ‘dooly’ are not real words.

Example: Misspelling of duly noted
  • Your request has been dully noted.
  • Your request has been duly noted.

Frequently asked questions

What is a synonym for ‘duly noted’?

Some synonyms and near synonyms of duly noted include:

  • Acknowledged
  • Duly considered
  • Point taken
  • Taken into account
  • Taken into consideration
Is ‘duly noted’ formal?

Duly noted is often used in formal and professional contexts (e.g., business meetings) to mean ‘appropriately acknowledged’.

It is also used in everyday speech, but in this context it’s often being used in a facetious or insincere way to dismiss someone’s idea or opinion.

What does ‘dually noted’ mean?

‘Dually noted’ is a mistake. The correct spelling of the expression is duly noted. It means ‘acknowledged and given appropriate consideration’.

It can be used by itself in response to something (e.g., ‘Duly noted’) or as part of a longer sentence (e.g., ‘Your opinion has been duly noted’).

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